Back to Running!

It’s been a couple of weeks since my gym is permanently closed and I was stuck at home doing just simple routines or sometimes not getting a sweat at all.

So today, I have decided to start walking and running again. It cost nothing but my determination and though it’s quite boring diring rhe first few steps, I managed to enjoy it somehow.IMG_2874

Today, I achieved. 4.5 km and it feels nice and I swear, this is the best feeling I’ve felt in weeks! Planning to do this daily since it’s summer vacation and I have time to do it every morning. I just wish the weather will cooperate though! Because rain is on the forcast until this weekend. So let’s just keep our fingers crossed.

Fitness isn’t expensive, all we need is a bit of perseverance and surely we can endure.


Back to the Gym!

Finally did my first gym workout today. It’s been years since I stepped inside the gym and I felt the hesitation within. But luckily, i was the only one working out during those hours, so I can be free! Yey!
First time on a threadmill and I got used to it after a few minutes. The reclyner felt a bit awkward but it was fine. And I finally lift! But only with a 2 kg weights for now. I will adjust the weights as soon as I get used to lifting. But hey, that’s quite good for a beginner anyway! The workout was fun and I want to do it frequently from now on. Well, that’s it for now on my day to day scribbles! Bye!