How I define Blessings

What is your definition of a blessing? Sometimes we associate it with good times, bounty, achievements, good health, happy family and all those moments that we feel we have everything that we need and want.

But did we ever wonder what about our sorrows and difficult times? Did you also consider them as blessings?

Of course these are blessings! Only during these moments we can only discover who are our real friends, of how strong we are in facing mediocracy and discovering our strengths and weaknesses that teaches us to rise above the gravel.

So when you see posts on Facebook of people that shows how blessed they are, think deeply.. Even if you don’t have all those things and wonderful happy moments that they have, you are still blessed. Hard times are blessings as well. It will prepare yourself for some amazing things that God has in stored for you. He prepared you for greater blessings in the coming days.

So if you’re facing your battles right now, don’t loose a grip. There are more blessings coming your way.

May everyone have a blessed day.


Today You Inspired Me

We’ve been told as kids that:“what is served onthe table is what you are going to eat!”

That was my mom’s worn out dialogue each time me and my siblings hated our food. But as an eldest child, I understood more that my father can only afford those food and no matter what it is, it’s still crucial to our nourishment. 

Now that my father is old and weak, these memories comes back like a whip flash right at my face. I remembered how he strived so hard to do two jobs at the same time just to send us to school and provide for our family’s needs. 

He never had a decent education since his folks didn’t send him to school. He only knew how to read a bit and write his name. In layman’s term, he’s illiterate. But even with those hindrance, he managed to work hard. Although most of it was hard labor, with aching muscles and sore hands he perceived.

Today marks his first month of being bedridden and it time for me to return the favor. I will pay him back all his love and hard work. He inspired me to do more, to give more and to work more. Not only for my family but also for his legacy to pursue a blessed life. 

He’s a perfect example of hard work, perseverance, gratitude and love for strong family ties. And it inspired me to do my best.

I am so grateful to be able to serve him, my family and at the same time, pursuing my passion for writing. ( because it keeps me sane! ) I am happy for all the blessings and will continue to be inspired to do more and give more for my family and to this amazingly blessed life.

Being with my father on his final years is a blessing, to be with him  each day is a life’s amazing bliss and it will be forever embedded in my heart. 

Today you inspired me to be a good parent, wife and a daughter. Thanks, tay for everything. 
Grateful for all the blessings, 


On The Road to Minimalism

I have been fascinated with minimalism since I started blogging years ago. Many of my blogger friends are practicing minimalism for many years and they always blog about it and share it to our Facebook group. Before I used to doubt my capabilities of doing such massive lifestyle change since by nature I am a hoarder! Yes, I admit I hoard lots of stuff and most of them just sat on the corner and waiting for termites to consume them! That’s how horrible I am. I have a very small space and we are a family of three so you can just imagine how compact we are in our everyday lives with all these clutter around us.

That is the reason why I am challenging myself and my household members to start decluttering and adapt a minimalism lifestyle. I know it will never be easy but everyday I am doing my best to do things that will soon solve this clutter problems.

As I’ve learned that being a minimalist will not only free your space from junk, it can also help save tons of money by just making the most of what you have and buy only the things that you really need. So this will be an exciting journey.

I will be posting an update and the things that I learned as I go further in this journey. 
Keeping my fingers crossed, 


On The Edge

When our life is on the edge we tend to lose hope and ask God why He chose us to suffer. We often caught ourselves wondering why our anxieties are never gone, we always have problems that are interminable, all our days are dark and gloomy, pain is dwelling inside our hearts and we think that there’s nowhere for us to go.. “Maybe God abandoned me!” That’s what we always think.. But did we know that we looked at it on a different prospective and misunderstood all those messages that He gave? And in return, we feel rage and desperation?

I will tell you now, my friend that His timing is always at its best. He never made you suffer but instead, He was just testing your faith and strenght.

In my case, it took time for me to realize that His plan for me is huge. I suffered long enough and He knew that I deserve something that is worth the wait. 

I will soon have that perfect time; and you, my friend will also be granted. So just hold on tight. 

Sooner or later the sun will shine and it will be grand! Let’s just keep our faith strong and wait a little bit more. God is always there behind us, He just want us to learn on how to be patient.. 

Because in His perfect time, He will make all things beautiful. 

Keep the hope alive, 


My Thoughts on Physical Modification

In this modern times, physical enhancements are not uncommon. Whether invasive or non invasive, it is widely accepted by our society and it is a huge industry that brought millions to surgeons around the world. But first, let me tell you my story.
Ever since I was a child I was bullied because of my nose and skin color. Yes, I am born with a wide nose and a dark colored skin. That was my insecurities from day one. There are even times during my grade school days that I would face the mirror and hold my nose and push it upwards so that I can figure out how will I look with a pointed nasal bridge!

But that was only a child’s play. You know, kids do play with anything that they can think of, right?

As soon as I am in high school these issues are still brought up. I began to notice how dark my skin was compared to other girls and they often laugh at me because they find it funny when I wear light colored shirts because it seemed like I instantly became invincible! But still, I laughed at it for the reason that I am happy with what I have. Not to mention that I had a cute boyfriend then! Yay!

Fast forward 25 years after and here we are on a very tight world where appearance is crucial and being pretty is one fast ticket to fame and money. And here I am; married, in my 40s, still dark skinned and my wide nose hasn’t changed a bit! Did I ever considered physical modification? Well in some point I thought about it and considered having one especially on my nose but did I tell you it costs a fortune? And it’s painful too! The recovery; it’s hideously agonizing!

Kidding aside, I have accepted my flaws a long time ago and I have no plans of having it modified. My wide nose is unique! This made me who I am! My skin color is amazing too! Did you know that there are plenty of women out there who are dying to be dark skinned and would do anything in their powers to have it? And why would I ever think of changing it? My skin is beautiful.

The bottomline is that it all varies from person to person. If you are courageous enough to go under the knife and could afford to undergo modification then go ahead. It’s your body and it’s your rules. Personally, I have nothing against it. It’s just that I am happy with what I have and makeup can do the trick!
Stay true!


It’s Okay to be Laughed At

I was once laughed at before because I am ugly, fat and lived in a stinky, dirty, dangerous slum area. But I was never devastated. In fact, I even prayed for those people to have a happy life and to be contented about what they have.
I never nurtured hate within my heart for them because I know I am more than what they see. All they see is the ugly, fat, poor and assuming( that’s what they think ) person and never my real story.

They will never know the person that’s capable of lifting herself up and dust her bruised knees because she is strong, the person that’s been through shit loads of shitty shit and managed to get through all by herself. They only see the physical part and heard some insufficient rumors about me brought about by some heartless insecure individuals that are clueless to the fact that I only chose the things that I wanted them to see! For certain, solely the people who loved and accepted me knew what kind of a person I am… No one outside my home knew the real story! Not even on social media which in this case is their only source of shit! 

My apologies for ranting, I am not upset though! Lol! All I know is that I am so happy for all the blessings. I will be updating regularly to document my progress. 

Just remember that each time somebody laughs at you and belittle your capabilities, your blessings will come ten times fold! So better let them laughing and do shit with their shitty lives. 

And remember to pray for them. Amen!
Doing amazing shit, 


Sunshine After the Rain

I never thought that my hard work has payed off instantly in a flash. Weeks ago I was jotting down my frustrations specially on money matters but now the tides have changed. I was offered a job which I thought was impossible for me to have. I even applied twice for it; but just when I am about to lose my grip, the skies opened!

I am currently hired by Google ph as one of their website analysts and I am so grateful for this opportunity. I am still home based and can also choose flexible hours to work each day. The catch is an overwhelming pay of 55$ an hour and I can also recieve incentives such as analytics bonuses and monthly increase depending in my workload submissions.

I will be doing website reviews from now on and I am so enthusiastic about this new job. Things will change from now on. I will be able to replenish my bank accounts and can finally invest on another condo unit. Good thing I wasn’t able to pursue the plan of having my first unit assumed!

God’s ways are really mysterious. I prayed for these things and His respond is AMAZING!

Now there’s SUNSHINE after the RAIN. We just have to keep our faith intact and never stop praying.

Keeping the faith!


Life’s Obscurity

There are days in our lives that dark skies dominates. The pain is so intense that you can’t hardly recognize if your heart is beating or not. On the time of life’s obscurity, it either weakens or strenghtens you.. choose what you got to do. Choose wisely. 

Back to Running!

It’s been a couple of weeks since my gym is permanently closed and I was stuck at home doing just simple routines or sometimes not getting a sweat at all.

So today, I have decided to start walking and running again. It cost nothing but my determination and though it’s quite boring diring rhe first few steps, I managed to enjoy it somehow.IMG_2874

Today, I achieved. 4.5 km and it feels nice and I swear, this is the best feeling I’ve felt in weeks! Planning to do this daily since it’s summer vacation and I have time to do it every morning. I just wish the weather will cooperate though! Because rain is on the forcast until this weekend. So let’s just keep our fingers crossed.

Fitness isn’t expensive, all we need is a bit of perseverance and surely we can endure.


Back to the Gym!

Finally did my first gym workout today. It’s been years since I stepped inside the gym and I felt the hesitation within. But luckily, i was the only one working out during those hours, so I can be free! Yey!
First time on a threadmill and I got used to it after a few minutes. The reclyner felt a bit awkward but it was fine. And I finally lift! But only with a 2 kg weights for now. I will adjust the weights as soon as I get used to lifting. But hey, that’s quite good for a beginner anyway! The workout was fun and I want to do it frequently from now on. Well, that’s it for now on my day to day scribbles! Bye!